To present programs which enrich America’s overall cultural heritage by highlighting the music of African descent composers.


The African Musical Arts, Inc., formerly named “African Chorus,” is a non-profit arts organization founded shortly before 1994 to foster a better understanding of Africa’s cultures through the musical arts. When our organization began, our goal was to showcase African choral composers through a small performing ensemble, the St. Louis African Chorus. Now, after 20 years of programming, this mission has expanded to a commitment to meet an ever-growing audience desirous of new modes of artistic expression, entertainment and cross-cultural enrichment. Our new name, African Musical Arts, Inc, reflects this expanded focus on both choral AND instrumental music by African-descent composers.

Our Founder Fred Onovwerosuoke

Fred Onovwerosuoke was born in 1960 in Ghana to Nigerian parents and grew up in both countries. For over two decades Onovwerosuoke has travelled extensively in over thirty African countries researching and documenting Africa’s vocal music traditions. In 1994 he founded the St. Louis African Chorus to help nurture African choral music as a mainstream repertoire for performance and education. Today, the organisation’s mission has broadened to include other art music by composers of African descent. Onovwerosuoke maintains an active schedule as conductor, composer, and lecturer, and his music has been featured in films, documentaries, and radio. He currently serves as Artistic Director of the St. Louis African Chorus and has been Editor of the Voice of African Music newsletter since 1993. A more detailed biography is available online at fredomusic.com.

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