Abdoulaye Sambou,* Wells Fargo Advisors, Board Chair

Nicole Adewale, Co-Founder & CEO, ABNA Engineering

Gloria Webb Adeyemi, Retired Dean of Science, Meramec Community College

Hector Arocha, Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), CraneCo

Asmeret Bezabeh, CPA, Hilton Hotels

Niyi Coker, Jr., E. Des Lee Distinguished Professor, University of Missouri-St. Louis

Regina DennisRetired Diplomat, U.S. Foreign Service

Marjorie Hamlin,  Retired Educator, The Principia Corporation

Wendy Hymes, Flutist, Music Educator

Chris KingJournalist

'Segun Leramo, Neurosurgeon

Richard Moore, Emeritus Professor of English

J.H. Kwabena Nketia, Emeritus Professor of Music, University of Ghana-Legon

Fred Onovwerosuoke,  Composer, Founder & Artistic Director, African Musical Arts  

Janet Rheil, Poet, Philanthropist

Leo Sarkisian, Retired Producer and Host of "MusicTime in Africa", Voice of America

Kevin Smoot, Voiceover Specialist and Cultural Administrator

Diane WeathersbyFreelance Development Consultant

Cecil Wood, Retired Vice President, UMB Bank


Founding Board In Memoriam (AMA Honor Roll)
Carol Ann Walls (2000)
Beverly Yvonne Perry (2004)
Lucius Weathersby (2006)
Dominique de Lerma (2015)